• Highly experienced professional Stunt Coordinator/Performer who has turned the many years of knowledge and experience into Coordinating. Offers extra vision and creativity with excellent communication skills with safety always in mind.

    Highly Experienced Fight Arranger and Sword Master, who has trained many leading actors, stunt performers and supporting artists in their fight roles.

    Tidd has been on the British Stunt Register since 1995 and has gone all the way through the ranks of the stunt industry to where he is now, as a Stunt Coordinator. He has always wanted to become a stunt performer since he was 6 years old after watching Evel Knievel performing his motorbike stunts and watching the many action pack TV shows in the 1970’s. After excelling in all sports as a child throughout his school days, he knew that this was the career for him.

    After gaining his qualifications needed to apply for the Stunt Register and having gained his Full Equity card from Equity’s acting union he was accepted onto the Stunt Register in the mid 90’s. Since then he has worked on hundreds of productions from small TV shows to Hollywood Blockbuster movies, doubling numerous leading actors. Having worked with some of the Highest regarded Stunt Coordinators in the world he has been gaining knowledge and experience from each and everyone of them.

    He strives to continue to create and design new aspects of stunt work, as well as continuing with his excellent safety record, gaining even more knowledge and experience along the way.

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